La GIFA à Dusseldorf - le "mondial de la fonderie" - c'est évidement des centaines de stands de fournisseurs venant du monde entier. C'est aussi, et on l'oublie souvent, des conférences techniques (GIFA Forum, Newcast Forum, WFO Technical Forum, VDI Technical Forum) sur de très nombreuses thématiques (énergie, process, métallurgie, marchés, ..., développement de nouvelles pièces, calcul et simulation) qui se déroulent sur 4 jours (16 au 19 juin). Les conférences, en Hall 13C38 sont libres d'accès et ouvertes à tous les visiteurs de la GIFA. Elles sont probablement en allemand pour nombre d'entre elles, mais bénéficient d'une traduction simultanée en anglais.

Gifa 2015 fonderie foundry conference forum

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GIFA Forum (16 juin)

  • Energy Efficient Use of Medium Frequency Induction Furnaces with Constant Power Range by Use of Power Optimized Charging (ABP Induction System)
  • A New Generation of Ceramic Foam Filters Providing Real Opportunities for Cleaner Steel Castings  (Foseco)
  • New Trends in Feeder Technology (Chemex) High Value Added Cast Parts – Advanced Feeding Systems and metallurgical Improvements (ASK Chemicals)
  • Inorganic Core Sand: Decoring of Castings and Sand Reclamation (R Scheuchl GmbH)
  • New possibilities of surface finishing for the die-casting industry (Spalek)
  • Methods for Describing the Flow Behavior of Inorganic Core Sand Material for the Production of Complex Cast Components (Foseco)
  • Minimizing Air Entrainment in High Pressure Die Casting Shot Sleeves (XC Engineering)
  • Innovative coating to prevent white film defects (Huttenes Albertus)
  • Equipment Availability and Energy Efficiency – a Contradiction ? (Buhler AG)
  • Performance of Long Thin Printed Sand Cores in Aluminium Castings (Voxeljet)
  • Advancements in Die Lubricant Technology for the Evolving Die Cast Process (Chem-Trend)
  • Development of Intelligent Green Sand Preparation System (Sintokogio)

Newcast Forum  (17 juin)

  • Competitiveness by Leadership – Ensure the Competitiveness of foundries in High Wage Countries by Using a Clear Leadership Model (H Doppler)
  • TENSAL® – Development of a High Strength Aluminum Casting Alloy for the Production of Highly Loaded Chassis Components (KSM Castings Group)
  • Productivity and Ecology Considerations of High Production CB Processes (ASK Chemicals)
  • Robust cast product design driven by frontloading through virtual experimentation and optimization – baseline technology for efficient CAE-Development Processes (Magma)
  • International Foundry Challenge – Suitable Production of Thin Walled Aluminum Prototype and Small Series Castings for Body in White Applications (Grunewald GmbH)
  • Methodical, Automatic Optimization of the Casting Process in Terms of Economy, Resource Efficiency and Quality (GA Röders)
  • Development of a Novel AlCu-Cast Alloy for Thermally High Loaded Cylinder Heads (Nemak Europe)
  • Lightweighting the Right Material at the Right Place – A Comparison of Iron, Aluminum,Magnesium and Carbon Fiber (Georg Fischer Automotive AG)
  • Energy Balance and CO2 Emissions Study for the Total Life Cycle of Engine Blocks from Aluminum and Cast Iron (Einsenwerk Brühl GmbH)
  • Newcast Award

WFO Technical Forum (18 juin)

  • The foundry of the future-advanced managing and manufacturing concepts for a global competitive cast iron plant (Sakthi Portugal Group SA)
  • Comparing the USA and Europe Casting Industries (Huttenes-Albertus)
  • RFI in No Bake Foundries (Omega Foundry machinery)
  • Up-date on use of blended Bentonite & Coonerdite (Amcol Metalcasting)
  • Environmental Inorganic binder systems (Geopola)
  • Innovative approach to training – A challenge for our industry (Cast metal Federation / UK)
  • Novel No bake binders with reduced fume (Huttenes Albertus)
  • Rapid development of new castings using simulation techniques (Texmaco Rail)
  • Improving casting quality through lustrous carbon (S&B)
  • World Foundry Organization General Assembly

Technical Forum in cooperation with VDI (19 juin)

  • Proven Odor and VOC Abatement in Foundries (CTP)
  • Determination and Assessment of Volume Defects in Aluminum Castings by Means of Computed Tomography (OGI)
  • Simulation-Aided Optimization of Gating and Feeding Systems for Aluminum Sand Castings (Ohm & Haner Metallwerk GmbH)
  • imulation in the Support of the Development of Innovative Processes in the Casting Industry (Flow Science)
  • Economic and Energy-Related Aspects of Batch Planning and the Optimization of Melt Operations (RGU)
  • High Effective Linked Production of Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Blocks in Double Casting Machines at Volkswagen (Volkswagen AG)
  • Graded Sands: Impact of Grain Size Distribution on Molding Materials (Quartwerke)
  • Increase Your Casting Output, with 30% Higher Productivity on DISA Vertical Machines (DISA Industries)
  • A Novel Emission Control System for the Reduction Air Pollutants in Flue Gases from Foundries (University of Copenhagen)
  • Influence of Silicon Content, Strain Rate and Temperature on Toughness of High Si Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron (Hinode Ltd)
  • Automated Quality Control for Tools, Patterns and Cast Metal Part (GOM)
  • Defective Castings Detection in Large Ductile Iron Production Using a Machine Learning Approach (Sacmi Imola SC)
  • Thread New Paths in Automated Defect Recognition (ADR)  for Castings. Faster – More Accurate – Reduced Setup Time – Less Costs (VisiConsult)

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